On the Head of a Pin

A documentary about quantum physics by Mark Hedges.

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Unfortunately, my master source quicktime files were prepared for NTSC television, where the pixels are not square, so the aspect ratio is a little fat. I don't have something to convert them with at high enough quality right now to fix it.

Part 1 The Standard Model

Part 1 details the standard model of particles: groupings of waveforms with different attributes studied by firing high energy beams and measuring what comes out.
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Part 2 Waves of Reality

Part 2 examines the paradoxes of wave and particle nature.
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Part 3 No Matter the Energy

Part 3 tells how physicists came to conclude that matter and light are two forms of the same universal energy.
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Part 4 The Pound of Music

Part 4 shows why higher-dimensional string theory may be necessary to explain why point particles do not have infinite energies at small scales.
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Part 5 The Hole Shebang

Part 5 reveals the conundrum how the computations of the LHC "safety project" are based on the theories of the experiment, which may have 10^500 solutions.
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Part 6 Castles in the Sky

Part 6 suggests higher dimensions can explain inertia, phantom gravity and spatial expansion without aether fields or "dark" entities.
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Part 7 Shooting in the Dark

Part 7 reviews the Large Hadron Collider experiment and reasons for research that does not have obvious applications.
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Part 8 The End of Time

Part 8 suggests time may be only a geometric perspective on underlying quantum order.
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